Dance Ogden is the premier dance instruction and fitness studio in the city, featuring an impressive roster of teachers who are well-versed in a wide variety of classical and modern styles. Students of all skill level are welcome at Dance Ogden, with classes divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced groups based on the experience and expertise of each individual student. Open six days a week and home to four separate studios, Dance Ogden maintains a full schedule of classes to fit the busy lifestyles our students enjoy, so whether you’re a mother, a student or a professional there will always be a class waiting for you.

With a roster full of professional dancers who hail from diverse backgrounds including Broadway and Hollywood, the typical day at Dance Ogden includes instruction in disciplines like Ballet, Salsa, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, and Lyrical. Students assemble in classes ranging between 10-15 dancers, before dividing into groups based on skill level and participating in 2-hour sessions. Combining fundamental dance techniques with an overall emphasis on physical fitness, Dance Ogden’s classes function as de facto visits to the gym, and while you break it down on the dance floor you’ll definitely be breaking a sweat as well.

Dance Ogden is proud to provide an inclusive, inviting environment which welcomes newcomers, so even students who are convinced they have two left feet immediately feel comfortable upon entering the studio. Furthermore, by dancing alongside trained professionals and high-caliber performers, those with a background in dance are provided with a platform through which to improve their abilities and perfect their routines. First-time visitors always receive half off the price of their initial class session, so expand your horizons and add a bit of excitement to your day by putting feet to the floor at Ogden Dance.